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100% KickAssHeavyMetal!

Arise From The Fallen is a metal-quintette originated from Augsburg who is native in the supra-regional Metalcore scene since 2012. Having over 180 energy-loaded shows performed throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria plus special support-shows and festivals (to name “With Full Force”, “Sunstorm Festival”, “TrafficJam OpenAir“, and exclusive support for bands like “MissMayI”, “OurLastNight“, “MemphisMayFire“ …) has not only contributed to their musical development but has also left them with formative experiences and a remarkable fan base.

Metalcore – with message!

By means of profound lyrics, boxed into melodic guitar riffs and intoxicating vocal parts their intention is to be thought-provoking towards their audience and come up with food for thought that can also represent itself as a critical attitude.

In June 2012, the band launched their first 6-track-CD „twentytwelve“ auf iTunes, Spotify on iTunes, Spotify and Co. which was followed by several single- and video-releases. Their latest album “Luminous” has been released which celebrated premiere on the “Luminous Release Tour” in Germany and Switzerland. While now playing some amazing summer-festivals they´re currently working on a new album … more to come.

Pure passion. Deep friendship. Tireless will for more.


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